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主修 运动与运动科学皇冠app,你可以体验令人兴奋的实习, 应用你在最先进的人类性能实验室学到的东西, 从专业教师一对一的职业指导中受益.

"的 intimate class settings and the extraordinary 教师 really helped me narrow in on what I wanted to do."

锻炼 & 运动科学专业

皇冠app的运动学士学位 & 体育科学


运动与运动科学(ESS) is the study of the immediate and long-term effects of physical activity on the body. Prepare for a career in this field as you examine the contributions of anatomy, 生物力学, 运动学习, 生理学, and health behaviors to the development of effective movement skills and exercise and 体育运动s performance.



Studying exercise science provides a strong knowledge base in both the discipline of 体育科学 and the latest instructional skills for success in teaching 健康和体育. 这个项目的重点是健康, 熟练的运动, 体育运动, 以及基本的组织和管理原则. Field experiences beginning early in the program give students numerous hands-on opportunities to grow professionally.

运动与运动科学专业的学生 专注于健康和健康 需要完成65-74个学分, which include 38 hours of core courses and 27-36 hours of concentration courses. 



运动与运动科学专业的学生 注重健康和体育教育 需要完成58-65学时, which include 38 hours of core courses and 20-27 hours of concentration courses.  





获得a 辅修健康、运动和运动科学 必须完成18个学分, including nine hours of core curriculum and nine hours of health and 运动与运动科学 courses, as well as an additional two hours of physical education/dance activity courses beyond the general education requirements. 



为什么要学习锻炼 & 皇冠app体育科学学院?

  • 从两个浓度中选择: 健康和体育 or 健康与福利.
  • 在一个 新建筑,包括 健康与人类行为实验室 that gives you access to advanced technology and exciting hands-on experience. 
  • 的土地上 实习 and field experiences through Meredith’s ideal location and strong 教师 connections to employers and organizations.
  • 应用 what you’re learning on campus by supporting fitness programming for students and Meredith employees.
  • Build your professional network by connecting with successful Meredith graduates who work in the field.
  • ESS专业可以加入 运动科学协会 并通过组织社区活动获得宝贵的实践经验, 支持学生的健康和健康, 参加专业会议.
  • 皇冠appESS毕业生担任各种角色, 包括私人教练, 项目主管, 卫生和体育教师, 运动生理学家. 
  • 其他人则就读于东卡罗莱纳大学等研究生院, 伦大学, 以及佐治亚大学. 他们后来成为了理疗师, 职业治疗师, 临床试验协调员, 和更多的.


  • Meredith’s location near downtown Raleigh and the 研究 Triangle provides access to 实习 that prepare graduates for any number of careers. 最近的实习网站包括Abil-OT, Valencell, NextStep罗利, 逸夫大学体育训练, WakeMed曼彻斯特健康works, 和儿科的可能性.
  • 校内机会包括
    • 人类行为实验室 从基本的体能测试到广泛的代谢评估
    • 员工健康计划 – deliver fitness and educational programs to the employees of 皇冠app大学
    • 罗威健身中心 -担任教练,在运动指导方面获得实践经验, 实现, 以及现场监督
    • 运动中的天使 – lead classes in an exciting, student-led fitness program offered to all Meredith students


  • 运动科学学位为毕业生的各种职业生涯做好准备. 有些人可以获得运动科学学士学位, 而其他人则需要额外的研究生或专业教育. 
  • 例如,雇佣 运动生理学家 预计在未来十年增长9%, 通常需要学士学位的职位. 关于 1,700 openings for 运动生理学家 are projected each year, on average, over the decade. 的 median annual wage for 运动生理学家 is $47,940, according to the U.S. 劳工统计局.
  • Physical therapists frequently earn their ESS bachelor’s degree before continuing on to earn a Doctorate in Physical 的rapy. 的 平均工资 理疗师是95,620美元.
  • 成功的皇冠appESS毕业生的例子包括
    • 劳伦·格罗迪(劳伦Grodi), 20年, 谁教学生健康课程, 教师, and staff as a certified group fitness instructor 和实习生ed with a physical therapist while studying abroad in Sydney, 澳大利亚. She’s now pursuing her Doctorate of Physical 的rapy at East Carolina University.
    • 布列塔尼·普雷斯顿,19年, was a student advisor for Wings and transfer students and captain of the basketball team. She worked with her advisor to define a career path and she is now pursuing a Doctorate of Occupational 的rapy at Methodist University.

锻炼 & 体育科学 students are encouraged to conduct research while pursuing their degree. Students may identify a special topic and work under the supervision of a professor or join a research team formed by a professor. 近期本科生研究课题包括

  • An Investigation of Relationships between Freshman Academic Credit Hours and 健康 Status of Undergraduate Females
  • 运动饮料对有氧运动的影响
  • An Analysis of the Effects of Physical and Reactive Training on Agility Performance
  • Influences of Fitness Assessment Programs on Female Undergraduate 锻炼 and Sport Science Majors




沟通,健康,锻炼 & 体育科学大楼

沟通与健康,运动 & 体育科学(国际象棋)大楼

一个新的 沟通与健康,运动 & 体育科学(国际象棋)大楼 是为了适应皇冠app不断增长的ESS项目而建造的吗, 在过去十年中增长了52%. 大约是13,000 square foot building features specialized spaces including a health and human performance lab, 评估实验室, 和更多的.


健康 & 人类行为实验室

专注于健康和健康, 实验室 提供早期研究和临床实践的机会. 皇冠app的目标是鼓舞人心 健康、运动和运动科学 students to become researchers and practitioners in a field of study in which women are traditionally underrepresented.



ESS学生也很享受 罗威健身中心, 最近翻新的设施包括跑步机, 自行车, 椭圆交叉训练器, 提升培训师, 的运动员, 以及动力升降架. 也有自由举重, kettlebells, 抵抗的机器, 理疗球, 药球, 乐队, 及配套设备.


Honors Scholar and dual-体育运动 athlete 金伯利Schuh, ’21, became an elementary P.E. teacher after graduation, a career that combines her interests in movement and education.

关于Meredith锻炼的视频 & 运动科学专业

Honors Scholar and dual-体育运动 athlete 金伯利Schuh, ’21, became an elementary P.E. teacher after graduation, a career that combines her interests in movement and education.

在罗利的皇冠app主修ESS, NC, will prepare you for a career in your field whether you plan to go to work right after graduation or pursue graduate or professional school.



Meredith’s 锻炼 and Sport Sciences (ESS) seniors who will graduate in May 2023 are celebrating job offers and acceptances to professional and graduate school programs well before graduation.

Dr. 希瑟·桑德森
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, 健康, 锻炼, and Sport Sciences
(919) 760-8152

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